First Cuts Made

The Eagles made some moves.


LB Everette Brown
QB Dennis Dixon
DL Antonio Dixon
DL David King
QB G.J. Kinne
OL Matt Kopa
CB Trevard Lindley
WR Ifeanyi Momah
WR Will Murphy
OL Dallas Reynolds
LB Adrian Robinson
OG Matt Tennant

The Eagles also put Joe Kruger on IR. That’s great news. He has a minor shoulder injury. That will heal soon enough and won’t affect the future. Kruger is only 21 years old and still has good potential. He simply must get bigger and stronger. While on IR, he cannot practice with the team, but he can sit in on meetings. He can work out. He’ll be in a much better position to challenge for a spot next summer.

The cut of Momah is kind of surprising. I figured they’d wait as long as possible with him, but this may be a sign that they simply don’t think he can play in the NFL. Or maybe this is a deceptive move, hoping teams will think the Eagles are down on him when they do stillĀ have hopes of putting him on the practice squad.

You can see my roster projection here.

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4 Responses to First Cuts Made

  1. iskar36 says:

    Quick question about Momah and other players cut at this time of year. Do they have to go through the waiver wire? I would think they do, but just wanted to double check. I ask this because, if in fact the Eagles do not think Momah can make the 53 man roster but do want him on the practice squad, cutting him now rather than later may have an advantage. Teams who would be interested in scooping up Momah would be forced to cut an additional player to get down to 53 which certainly isn’t impossible, but just makes things that much more difficult for other teams to sign Momah. Furthermore, and maybe more importantly (depending on how the rules work), cutting Momah early may also allow the Eagles a chance to get him on the PS sooner while other teams are still cutting players. I don’t know how much of an advantage that is, but it at least starts the process quicker and may be helpful to the Eagles depending of course if they do actually like Momah.

    • Septhinox says:

      Momah will have to go through waivers. After so long vets become FA after being cut and can sign immediately. Not sure of the exact time though.

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  3. ICDogg says:

    All players who aren’t at least in year 4 of their NFL careers have to go through the waiver process. There is no advantage to cutting early because practice squad players can’t be signed until Sunday.

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