Former Eagles Update

How are things going for some former Eagles?

DRC suffered an ankle sprain at practice this week. Those can be troublesome injuries, but right now they are thinking it will hold him out a few weeks.

Nnamdi is a backup CB on the Niners initial depth chart.

And Jaiquawn Jarrett?

As some fan joked in response, the Jets really are selling out to get the #1 overall pick and Jadeveon Clowney.

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3 Responses to Former Eagles Update

  1. Dvae says:

    How bad are the Jets if Jaiquawn Jarrett is the best of what’s left?

    Almost feel sorry for the Jets fans.

    If Jadeveon Clowney gets drafted by the Jets, just refuse to sign and go into the draft the following year he will still be picked 1st! The #1 pick just isn’t paid enough to chain your wagon and livelihood to that circus. The Jets are where careers go to die!

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  3. ICDogg says:

    Let’s face it, if the Jets really are that bad there will be a new coaching regime in place there next season.

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