Gus Bradley and the Eagles

Very cool story from a Jacksonville writer on Gus Bradley and the interview process. As you may remember, he was the Eagles second choice to Chip Kelly.

Bradley estimated he interviewed for 5-6 hours at Lurie’s house.

“I really enjoyed it,” he said. “We had great conversations. They said, ‘Gus, we’re going to keep you overnight. Just go to the hotel and stay there.’”

Bradley talked to his agent, Jimmy Sexton, who told him the Jaguars were sending a plane to the Philadelphia area. Because there was no offer in place from the Eagles, Sexton advised Bradley to plan on getting on the plane.

At 6 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 16, Bradley flew to Jacksonville.

“I was supposed to be at the stadium at 10 a.m., but I got here at 9:20 and started a meeting with [GM] Dave [Caldwell],” Bradley said. “Right away, I thought, ‘This is really cool. I like this guy.’ It was awesome.”

When owner Shad Khan joined the meeting, Bradley’s intrigue with the Jaguars grew even more.

“I thought, ‘This feels more like ME,’” he said. “The next thing I know, it’s almost 4 p.m. and I was supposed to know about Philly at noon. I looked at my phone and it said, ‘Jeffrey Lurie, Jeffrey Lurie, Jeffrey Lurie, Jeffrey Lurie.’ I was like, ‘Oh, shoot.’ He knew I was down here.”

Bradley and Lurie connected and Lurie told him the Eagles had hired Oregon coach Chip Kelly.

“I felt like that’s who they wanted in the first place – that’s what I sensed anyway,” Bradley said.

You can’t help but like Gus. I wish him well.

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One Response to Gus Bradley and the Eagles

  1. Mark Sitko says:

    Yeah – seems like a great coach – and no one is talking about it but I think SEA is going to miss him dearly…they played well for half a season and then lost their D Coordinator, why does everyone think they are going to be great this year – without Gus I think SEA is no better than an 8-8 team…as they have been for a long time…

    Gus would have been good for us, but Chip is on another level…I wish him well too…BUT, ideally he would flame out in JAX (that will be a hard team to turn around…he has to fix the team AND the fanbase – no easy task) and then join us as the D coordinator – that would be amazing…

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