Marcus Vick

Tim McManus interviewed Marcus Vick and wrote a very interesting piece on him.

Marcus Vick does not sound like you might expect him to.

His public image is in such bad shape, you’re almost anticipating this snarly voice to snap at you when you answer the phone; some one-dimensional character that fits with our understanding of the man, which has been cobbled together from newspaper clippings and Wikipedia entries and of course, Twitter outbursts.

What we found in our recent hour-long conversation with Marcus was something completely different. He was measured and he was thoughtful and he was reflective. He didn’t give any impression that he lacks a moral compass — only the ability to stay consistently true to it.

(Speaking of the Twitter antics: Marcus told us, “This year I’m going to keep my mouth closed because I don’t want to make headlines.” That was a day before he went off about Riley Cooper.)

Tim’s piece is good, but it is hard for me to come away feeling all that positive. Marcus says the right things, at times, but his actions don’t always back those words up. He’s making money based on Mike’s name and businesses. And yet Marcus will take to Twitter and say ridiculously dumb things. Marcus is 29, but seems at times to be more like a 19-year old.

I’m sure being Mike Vick’s little brother isn’t easy, but Marcus has had a ton of chances and blown almost all of them. To me, he’s about as unsympathetic a person as I could imagine. Read the piece. It is very good. And maybe you’ll like Marcus more than me.

Marcus is good for one thing. Someone last summer created the character of Marcus Foles on Twitter. He’s not real active, but has been entertaining at times.

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