Riley Cooper Update

Riley Cooper’s horrible comments aren’t forgotten, but they have moved out of the limelight for now. That will change the first time he catches a TD in the regular season, but for now…Cooper is being quiet and just playing football.

He’s had a good camp and projects to being a starter this year. Pat Shurmur is impressed.

“I think he’s had a very good camp and he’s made a lot of plays out here,” offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur said. “He’s a big-body guy, catches the ball in the crowd. He does find a way to wiggle free, and I think he’s an outstanding blocker. So he’s doing what we ask.”

And remember how opposing players were going to target Cooper? That might happen down the road, but hasn’t so far.

Cooper said his teammates have been “so supportive” and that it’s like “old times again.” There also have not been any issues from opposing players.

We’ll see if the issues flare up in the future, but life is quiet for now. And I’m sure that’s just what Cooper wants.

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  1. Julescat says:

    media trumped up issue to generate audience

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