Roob on the Jags Game

Reuben Frank posted his 10 observations on the Eagles-Jags game. He had a couple of good nuggets.

7. Jason Avant has caught more passes than the previous year every season he’s been in the NFL (7, 23, 32, 41, 51, 52, 53), and I’d be shocked if that doesn’t happen again. We don’t talk about him enough, but Avant is quietly having a tremendous preseason, and in this offense, he could put up huge numbers. His one-handed catch Saturday was ridiculous.

1. In his first game since Chip Kelly named him the Eagles’ opening-day quarterback, Michael Vick put up OK numbers: 15-for-23 passing, 184 yards, one TD, one INT, 7-for-53 rushing. But he just didn’t look as fluid or as smooth as he did in the first two preseason games. He hung onto the ball too long in the pocket, his decision making was sketchy, and he was just tentative running the offense. Vick reverted back a little, trying to be great on every snap instead of just letting the game come to him and taking what the defense gives him — which is what he did to win the job in the first place. Vick actually delivered the ball really well for the most part but tried to do too much when there was nothing there. That has to stop. He put up 16 points on eight drives, and the only TD he engineered came on a 21-yard drive (although Bryce Brown’s fumble at the goal-line killed a good drive).

Can’t argue with Roob on those points.

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