Some Defense Talk

GCobb wrote his thoughts on the Eagles defense, looking at players and scheme.

There isn’t a ton of new info here, but G does offer some interesting thoughts on LB play and how they read formations and alignments looking for tips on what the offense is going to do.

Part 1

Part 2

(h/t to John Stanley)

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One Response to Some Defense Talk

  1. Seanofdead says:

    First time I’ve read something from Gcobb in a while. His writing was so incoherent
    I just gave up reading his stuff.
    Looks like he finally got someone to proofread/edit.
    That being said, he knows what he is talking about on defense. Cobb is very good with linebacker assessment, years ago he was all over the demise of Trotter in camp before any other bloggers.

    Good link and read, Tommy

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