Connor Barwin Cover ‘Backer

The Eagles kept 3 OLBs, but in reality 2 of them are really just DEs in disguise. Connor Barwin is unique and Bob Ford writes about how valuable that makes him to the Eagles defense.

“It can get really complex,” Barwin said. “We can do all kinds of stuff with the nickel and the safeties, and move me to left or right. It’s just a versatility thing that I can rush and can drop. Those other guys, Cole and BG, are definitely capable of dropping. There are coverages they can do and you put them in the best situation to succeed.”

It’s nice of Barwin to be supportive of Cole and Graham, but he’s being generous. They might have a good play here or there. The problem is that you can’t consistently count on them to be good in coverage.

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One Response to Connor Barwin Cover ‘Backer

  1. GermanEagle says:

    Connor, I am capable of dropping. That doesn’t mean I am good enough at covering grounds, especially when it comes down to cover RBs, TEs or slot WRs.

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