Jason Peters is Back

How great was it to see #71 out there at LT on Monday night?

Jason Peters was the best LT in the NFL back in 2011. He missed all of 2012 with an Achilles injury. He’s back now and anchoring the left side of the line. I thought he was a bit rusty on Monday, but expect him to be dominating defenders in no time.

Geoff Mosher wrote a good piece on him. Apparently OL coach Jeff Stoutland likes Peters just a little bit.

“He’s the real deal,” Stoutland said. “Here’s why, to me, he’s different than a lot of people. Number one, he plays with a low profile. His hips are low. For a guy his size to play with his hips as low as he does and be able to move his feet so fast.

“And when he brings his hands to you, he is violent with his hands. Absolutely violent. Defensive people take a lot of pride in talking about how violent they are with their hands. Well, this player is very violent with his hands. And when you’re violent with your hands you have a tendency to take yourself out of balance. He’s got an unbelievable sense of balance and body control, so he can do that kind of thing. That’s what makes him a special player.”

So good to have the big fella back.

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