Misc Twitter Bits

Very cool.

Not so cool.

Seth was a great LB, but he’s crazy if he thinks TO is what the Eagles need. I mean…yikes. Really?

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6 Responses to Misc Twitter Bits

  1. Peter Akkies says:

    It certainly wouldn’t hurt if the top-rated player on the Eagles’s draft board when we’re on the clock in April ’14 would be a top wide receiver prospect, though.

  2. brza says:

    Joyner’s Twitter account was hacked.

  3. Ross says:

    I really lost respect for Seth after reading “Bringing the Heat”.

    There is no way I would we trusting the advice of someone who is capable of treating people (especially family and team-mates) the way he does and of making the life choices he has.

    Seth the football player? Great. Seth off the field? Grade-A douche you wouldn’t want to be in your life.

  4. RogerPodacter says:

    i can’t imagine that TO post was in any way serious. it just… has to be sarcasm. right?

  5. Touchdown Soup says:

    I don’t think it would hurt to kick the tires there a bit – I very much do think the Eagles would benefit from a strong possession receiver on their roster, which is exactly what TO would bring to the table. It sounds crazy, but let’s be honest – professional football is a business, and if TO can help – why not?

    The caveat being that if his ego/attitude is still unbelievable, it’s not worth it. But this team is about giving players a second chance if they can contribute – if it wasn’t, Michael Vick wouldn’t be on the roster.

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