Odd Question of the Day

Did the Eagles actually benefit from the Skins scoring the defensive TD?

I’m in the middle of re-watching the game for my Detailed Game Review. On the opening drive Chip Kelly went for it on 4th/1. I agreed with the decision and was happy he did it. I did wonder for a second how different things might have gone if he’d just kicked a FG there. The Eagles would have led 3-0 instead of trailing 7-0.

Then it occurred to me that right after that the Skins offense would be on the field and the defense would be resting.

By having the Skins defense score on the bizarre pass play, those guys got no rest. They were worn down for the entire 1st half, which helped the Eagles to build a 26-7 lead. Obviously Washington’s turnovers and safety also played a big part in that. You just wonder if getting them so tired early actually benefited the Eagles in the long run.

I certainly won’t be advising Chip Kelly to let the Chargers score a defensive TD next week, but it is at least an interesting question as you think back to how the Skins game went.

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  1. sam says:

    I was thinking the same thing. I do think it helped the Eagles a bit. However, you’d think that the Redskins’ D would have been really gassed in the 4th qtr but both our O and D seemed fatigued and didn’t have the same pep that was seen earlier in the game. Some of that may have been the playcalling, but I’m not sure….

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