The Eagles, Sacks and the KC Game

Some interesting notes from Football Outsiders on sacks. 2 of the items related to the Eagles.

Philadelphia Eagles, Michael Vick, six sacks.

Who Is To Blame: Right tackle Lane Johnson.

Until this week, Johnson, the fourth pick in last spring’s draft out of Oklahoma, was having a nice and relatively smooth introduction to the NFLJustin Houston ruined that.

Johnson had given up half a sack in Week 1 for his only blemish coming into last Thursday’s game. Houston beat him to the inside for a sack at the two-minute warning of the second quarter, followed it up by beating Johnson for a second sack on the next play. Then, in the final two minutes of the game, Houston beat Johnson with a speed rush for a third sack allowed.

The final tally could have been worse as Houston actually ended the night with 4.5 sacks, but one of those came on a play where Vick held the ball for 5.6 seconds and another came on a bad snap where Vick simply ran to the ball and fell on it.

Johnson’s off the hook for those two sacks.

Lane was very good for most of the 1st half. Things fell apart late and then the 2nd half was a struggle. I think it mostly was due to Justin Houston playing lights out. We’ll see how this week goes.



There were plenty of long sacks this week, but none longer than Alex Smith’s extended scramble against the Eagles. Smith rolled to his right, reversed field to run back to his left, and was finally run down by Nate Allen 8.2 seconds after the snap.

Good play by Nate, but an odd one. He didn’t rush initially, but when he saw Alex scramble, Nate came upfield aggressively and made the play.

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