Great Dallas Flashback

This is a must-read story from Ray Didinger…in 1981. The story of the Cowboys having to wear their blue jerseys.

Didinger was truly a great writer. Really loved reading this piece.

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5 Responses to Great Dallas Flashback

  1. Seanofdead says:

    Ray Didinger IS a great writer.

  2. ICDogg says:

    The blue jerseys were a big deal at the time. We didn’t have a dedicated sports talk radio station yet, but there were sports talk shows on a few stations and the callers were beating the drum for making Dallas wear those jerseys.

    If you asked the Eagles about it at the time, they would say something like they didn’t believe it made any difference, but if the Dallas Cowboys are worried about it, maybe it will get inside their head.

  3. Arby says:

    He still is. Read the current piece on the origins of the Eagles’ fans hatred of the Cowboys which goes back to the 60’s.

  4. Tommy the K says:

    Thanks for digging up that great article. It references 2 of my favorite sporting memories. Though I vaguely remember seeing a couple Eagle games at Franklin Field, my first exciting moment was seeing “Big Bird” pick up that fumble at the end of a 58 min. butt-kicking by the Cowboys and steal a victory.

    The only more raucus crowd moment, was watching Wilbert Montgomery come the thru a wall of behemouths and race toward our endzone seats for a TD in the ’81 championship game. A bitter cold day for the fans, but a bitter pill for the Cowgirls to swallow. What joy to witness both games at the old Vet.

  5. Fresh Prince says:

    To this day I feel the Eagles should always put the Cowboys in blue.

    And the Giants in white, and Redskins in red, for that matter.

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