Let Them Play

Let them play. To those of us that were kids in the 1970s, that phrase was linked to this scene.

Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher want officials to let them play. That’s what happened in the Dallas game and it allowed the Eagles CBs to be effective. When officials are strict, the physical Eagles corners are in trouble.

Paul Domowitch wrote a good piece on this.

Williams and the Eagles’ other two corners, Bradley Fletcher and Brandon Boykin, were able to mix it up with the Cowboys’ big-and-tall-shop wide receivers. Inside linebacker DeMeco Ryans was allowed the freedom to knock receivers off their routes as they came across the middle even if the contact occasionally was beyond the allowable 5-yard limit.

“For the most part,” Boykin said, “they let us be physical. That’s what you want to be able to do. Get your hands on guys and be physical with them. Because that’s what they do to us.

“I like it when they keep it fair. As long as we’re not preventing them from getting out of their breaks or whatnot, I think it’s fair.”

Domo also has lots of good stats on the Eagles and some interesting info on the DL rotation.

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