Practice Squad Update

The Eagles have made some changes to the practice squad so let’s take an updated look.

WR Will Murphy
TE Emil Igwenagu
QB G.J. Kinne
OT Michael Bamiro

DE Brandon Bair
OLB Travis Long
S Keelan Johnson
* CB Marcus Burley

This group is a mixture of practice players and developmental players.

Murphy is a practice player. He’s got limited upside, but played for Kelly at Oregon and will go out every day in practice.

Igwenagu spent time on the roster this year. He is a FB/TE tweener that could make the roster in the future or replace one of the TEs on the roster if there is an injury.

Kinne was added when Nick Foles got hurt. It will be interesting to see if Kinne sticks around for more than a few weeks.

Bamiro has good potential and should push for a roster spot next year. The question is whether he can ever become a starting OT.

Bair is a practice player. He’s 28 years old. That’s not a guy you’re developing for the future. He played for Kelly at Oregon. If there was an injury, Bair could join the active roster.

Long could be a player in the future. He was limited this summer, but that’s because he wasn’t 100 percent healthy. Long probably is a backup OLB, but it will be interesting to see how well he plays next summer when he is all the way back from his injury.

Johnson is a big, thick Safety. He’s 5-11, 212. I think he should definitely push for a roster spot next year.

Burley was a UDFA that spent time with the Jags. He lacks ideal size at 5-10, 185, but is a very good athlete. Burley started 33 games at Delaware. The Eagles generally prefer bigger corners, but obviously like something about Burley. They must see him as a player worth developing. He was just added 2 weeks ago.

Per Adam Caplan, the Eagles released Burley from the PS today. hasn’t made that official yet, but Caplan is a great source for moves like this.

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