Updating the CBs

Tim McManus did an excellent piece on the Eagles starting CBs, Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher.

Fletcher is quietly compiling some good stats. His 11 pass break-ups leads the team, is second-best in the NFL and ties a career high for a season. Quarterbacks are completing only 50 percent of their throws in his direction, per Pro Football Focus.  Williams’ number in that department is significantly higher (67 percent completion rate) but he is fourth among corners in tackles with 32, per PFF. He has a pair of interceptions on the year compared with one for Bradley.

The Eagles allowed one touchdown through the air against Tony Romo and a potent aerial attack. Williams and Fletcher were put in a healthy amount of one-on-one situations in that game.

“I think the corners had a nice game,” said Chip Kelly. “They took turns, both the corners going up against [Bryant].”

Clearly, the Eagles need to get better at CB if they want the defense to take a big step forward in the future, but Williams and Fletcher are proving to be an effective duo. They might lack elite skills, but both players understand their talents and limitations.

And they do play hard. It was painful to watch Nnamdi and DRC in 2012, as they underachieved and showed so little effort at times. I’ll take a less-talented overachiever any day of the week. I know I can count on that player. The underachiever will tease you with moments of greatness and then punish you at other times when his head or heart aren’t in it.

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