Linc Struggles

Just how bad are the Eagles at home?

The Eagles lost 6 straight home games last year. That was a bad team so those losses aren’t really surprising.

The Eagles are 0-4 this year.

SD – The Eagles didn’t have CB Bradley Fletcher and Philip Rivers picked the defense apart. Close loss.

KC – The Chiefs were clearly the better team.

DAL – Nick Foles played his nightmare game.

NYG – Mike Vick and Matt Barkley were terrible.

Most of the losses have simply come to better teams. The loss to the Giants is probably the worst this season. The Eagles got poor QB play and turned the ball over.

The Skins come to town on Sunday. They aren’t a good team. This is a game the Eagles should win. This is the best chance the Eagles have to end the losing streak and start a winning one.

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