The 20th Spot

If the season ended today, the Eagles would have the 20th spot in the NFL Draft.




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8 Responses to The 20th Spot

  1. Brandon says:

    BPA? I think at that spot in the draft, knowing what we know now, the best value would be at Corner.

  2. Mark Sitko says:

    I really want a CB or OLB – we need to be able to stop the passing game…more sacks and pressure, and tighter coverage on the outside…

  3. Mark Sitko says:

    PS – no QB – stick with Foles and try to build around him – we have too many holes to start overlapping the allocation of resources…address the deeper holes, right? especially in the first 3 rounds…

  4. Anders says:

    anything except for RB and punter/kicker

  5. Cafone says:

    Best player available of course, but I think you nailed it with LB, CB, and WR.

    Of course that list might look much different after free agency, and re-signing Maclin is still a possibility.

  6. TN says:

    I’m thinking linebacker in the first and corner in the second. Either way, we are going to find out a lot about Chip Kelly next April.

  7. Mark says:

    Best available player. Hope it’s a CB or LB or S but best available player regardless.

    But if he happens to be one of the following, then try to trade down:
    Center (Kelce’s still young and center not worth spending that high a pick on)
    TE (we already have too many)
    WR (assuming we can bring back Maclin on a good deal, which I think we can)

  8. Dan M says:

    I like the thought of Howie following his strategy of “best player available”. Likely an OLB or a Corner.

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