Good Humor

Ashley Fox ripped on Chip Kelly last week. She opened her piece on the Eagles win over the Cardinals with this line.

TheĀ Philadelphia Eagles‘ head coach is smarter than everybody else, apparently.

And she later added this.

OK. It wasn’t — wink, wink — a Wildcat play. It was a dumb play. It was a play that didn’t work. It was a play that lost yards. It was a play that likely cost the Eagles a touchdown. And it was a play that could have cost them the game.

Thinking you’re smarter than everybody else doesn’t win you games. In the National Football League, it costs you games. And if the Eagles are going to do something special this season — and they are poised to make the postseason for the first time since 2010 — they can’t have their head coach making mistakes born of hubris.

One of the readers at Iggles Blitz decided to have some fun and did their take on what Ashley might say after Sunday’s win. Here is some good fan fiction.

Chip Kelly’s 4th Quarter Failures Continue
by Ashley Fox, ESPN

Yet another week in the NFL has concluded and the 4th quarter struggles of Chip Kelly’s Eagles continue to the plague the team. With the team driving deep into Lion’s territory with time winding down on the clock, Brent Celek took a Nick Foles pass and slipped down short of the goal line.

This is a clear indictment of Chip Kelly’s fast-passed college offense, which obviously left one of his players too tired to run the last 8 yards into the end zone.

Not to be outdone, Chip Kelly made an even more bizarre decision to call two quarterback runs in a row, with Nick Foles slipping and losing 2 yards on each play. That kind of play-calling may have worked in Oregon, but this is the NFL. Kelly failed to call timeout after either run and let the game clock expire, yielding yet another 4th quarter red zone failure for the Eagles and a hollow victory over the Lions.

The question must be asked…given these failures, how many more chances is Chip Kelly going to be handed to prove that he can run an NFL team?

Not real, but really funny. Kudos to the person who wrote that.

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4 Responses to Good Humor

  1. Tom says:

    With Shanahan out the door and Coughlin perhaps being retired in the off-season, I wonder if another early Kelly critic, Dan Graziano, would want to redo his preseason “which NFCE coach is gone first” list?

  2. Cafone says:

    Ashly Fox has always been a joke. Apparently uninformed sports writing is the way Philly sportswriters get national jobs. It must be pretty disheartening for the good writers.

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