Ranking Chip Kelly

Yahoo blogger Frank Schwab decided to rank the NFL playoff coaches. He’s got Chip Kelly at No. 5 on the list (out of 12).

5. Chip Kelly, Eagles
Perhaps this is too high after just one season, but it’s hard to ignore what he did. Once he figured out, thanks to Michael Vick’s injury, that Nick Foles was the best quarterback for his system, the Eagles played remarkably well. The Eagles started 3-5 and then went 7-1 down the stretch. They improved on both sides of the ball. They were very difficult for opponents to prepare for because of the creative schemes. The coach who is No. 4 on this list had just four wins with pretty much the same Eagles roster in 2012. In a few years we might look back and say that No. 5 was way too low for Kelly.

Andy Reid is 4th. Interesting.

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  1. Bdawkbdawk says:

    Schwabby my man, same roster?!?

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