Cap Space

Where do the Eagles stand?

A look at this table from Over The Cap shows the Eagles have an estimated $20,085,737 cap space heading into this NFL offseason. That number is slightly higher at, but still in the same ball park at $20,528,365. Either way, this number is the 10th highest in the NFL. The Eagles are one of four 2013 playoff teams with the most cap space. This number can (and likely will) change before NFL free agency starts on March 11, 2014.

That number will go up as the Eagles cut players and/or get them to take pay-cuts. It will go down if they are able to re-sign players. But that is a good amount of money to work with. The Eagles can be as aggressive as they want.

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  1. rage114 says:

    My favorite part of that table is where the Cowboys come in!

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