Checking on Some OLB Prospects

Green Bay is the smallest NFL market, but the media up there does a tremendous job of covering the team and the league. Tyler Dunne is one of the best Packers writers and he did a good piece on OLB prospects Kyle Van Noy and Marcus Smith.

I think Smith would be a good ROLB candidate for the Eagles. I think Van Noy would be more  natural as The Jack (the spot where Connor Barwin plays).

Chip Kelly might find Smith intriguing. He has good size. He was highly productive. And he was a QB in high school, which he feels helps him now as a pass rusher.

“Me as a quarterback, and knowing my offensive linemen, you could tell the tendencies of the offensive linemen as well when the quarterback comes to the line and makes checks,” Smith said. “When the quarterback comes to the line, I can relay it to the line and the linebackers and safeties what’s going on. That helps us a lot as a defense.

“Watching film, I’d say, ‘I used to do that same stuff, I used to do that same stuff.’ I used to talk to the defensive line and the linebackers all the time and tell them, ‘This is what is happening,’ and when we get to the game we can play a lot faster.”

Kelly loves versatile players. Having a former QB as his primary pass rusher would be a very Chip Kelly kind of thing.

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