Crazy Stat

Interesting nugget from Jimmy Bama.

2013 – Lane Johnson
2012 – Fletcher Cox
2010 – Brandon Graham

Danny Watkins got traded so that wiped out 2011. Mac is a FA and would cover 2009. The Eagles traded out of the 1st round in 2008 and 2007 so it isn’t like they picked busts that failed.

I would guess the league average is 4 or 5 so the Eagles are below that, but not substantially. The stat sounds crazier than it really is.

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One Response to Crazy Stat

  1. Michael Skulsky says:

    Sound’s like he’s talking about first round picks in general, not necessarily drafted by the Eagles (since he noted Vick). I think that’s pretty crazy that only 3 people on the roster were taken in the first round by any team.

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