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I wrote about the fall of Joe Banner on Iggles Blitz.

Today a couple of good pieces came out on Banner and the Browns. Mary Kay Cabot wrote an excellent article showing just how dysfunctional things were in Cleveland. The situation ended with owner Jimmy Haslam firing Banner.

The owner and the CEO didn’t see eye-to-eye over a number of candidates, and Haslam came to feel that Banner was the reason some didn’t want to interview for — or accept — his coaching job.

You know things are bad when coaches don’t want to interview because of someone’s presence in the front office.

Tim McManus wrote about Banner from the Eagles perspective.

A couple things strike me here. One is the importance of having the proper power structure up top, and how critical a strong head coach is to the stability of that structure. Recent Eagles history proves that point pretty well. When Andy Reid was in firm command, Banner’s influence could only extend so far. He had plenty of say — even when it came to personnel — but Reid had firm enough footing to maintain authority over the football side of the operation. When Reid found himself on shakier ground, the dynamic shifted. Banner and Howie Roseman fought for the power that was suddenly up for grabs. Now three men were pulling in different directions. Many of the moves during this time ran counter to what we had come to expect under a Reid-led team. He had lost control.

Great stuff from McManus.

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  1. Tommy the K says:

    Tommy, great essay on Banner over at Eagles Blitz. You rarely blast anyone so I know you really detested Lombardi. Maybe he can take down the Evil Empire in New England now that Belicheat has taken him under his wing. I feel that I am in danger of becoming your yes man. Keep up the great work. Can’t wait for the combine and some post-out of the closet news.

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