Rookie Learning

Matt Bowen was a SS for a few teams in his NFL career. He is now a good writer and football analyst. He recently posted a piece on rookies trying to learn some concepts as they are introduced to the NFL.

If you want to play fast (at any level of the game), you can’t worry about your alignment or the basic checks before the snap of the ball. This forces players to hesitate (and get beaten) when they are thinking about their responsibilities, stance, etc., instead of reading their keys and playing with speed.

And that’s why it’s crucial for rookies to grasp the core schemes in the playbook so they can go out and compete with the veterans during OTAs and minicamp this spring.

Coaches will start with the basics when the playbook is handed out so rookies can get lined up and execute the techniques of the call in the huddle.

Bowen then shows some X’s and O’s and explains what the coaches might be throwing at the rookies. Good stuff.

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