When Normal isn’t Normal

Connor Barwin might be the most likable Eagle of them all. He’s only been part of the team for a year, but you just get the feeling he was meant to be an Eagle. He loves the city of Philadelphia. He loves the team and organization. And he’s a good player.

Zach Berman wrote a good piece on Barwin for the Inquirer recently. Most football players aren’t “normal”. Some enjoy the money and live a fancy lifestyle. Some are very driven in a way that the average person can’t understand. They obviously have strange jobs and very odd work schedules.

Barwin seems to take pride in trying to be a normal guy.

Barwin said one of the advantages of playing professional football is the free time in the offseason. Barwin has a girlfriend and no children, so he spends most of his free time as he chooses.

“It’s the offseason; my weekends aren’t too full,” Barwin said. “I think when I get invited to a lot of things, I usually say yes. All those things that happened are people that invited me, and usually good things happen.”

After the concert and a conference later that month, Barwin said July will become “all football.” He will spend two weeks with his trainer in Houston and two weeks working with former Texans teammate Brian Cushing in New Jersey.

Barwin has kept busy during the offseason in the past, but social media and his profile in Philadelphia have enhanced his popularity.

“I know I’m a normal person,” Barwin said, “so I’m out in Philadelphia, going to dinner, walking around, all the normal things.”

Barwin might be a normal guy, but he sure doesn’t seem like a normal football player. The Eagles are lucky to have him. So is the city of Philadelphia.


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  1. P_P_K says:

    Connor seems like a cool young man. Good to have him as an Eagle.

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