Better Late Than Never

Cody Parkey is the Eagles PK heading into the 2014 season, despite being on the team for only a couple of weeks. STs coach Dave Fipp recently explained that the Eagles liked Parkey a lot as a UDFA, but went for Carey Spear instead.

“We looked at both of those guys. In their individual workouts, Carey had just a little bit better day on the one day I worked him out in person. They were really close. Carey’s numbers on field goals [39 of 50 at Vanderbilt, four from 50+] were a little bit better. Cody’s were a little bit better on touchbacks [he led the nation with 69 last season at Auburn].

“It was a tough decision; we went the other direction. I missed the ball.”

Interesting to find out why Fipp made the choice he did. I certainly didn’t realize that Fipp had that much interest in Parkey prior to the draft. Thank goodness that Fipp got a do-over and was able to give Parkey another shot. So far, that looks like a great move.

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