Draft Watch – WR Robert Woods

Per PFT, the Eagles have brought in USC receiver Robert Woods for a visit.

Woods is 6-0, 201.  He was USC’s second best WR (to Marqise Lee), but was still one of the best receivers in the country.  Woods had a good season, but has become a hot name recently.  He had a good showing at the Combine and then a great positional workout at his Pro Day.

I’m not nearly as high on Woods as others.  We’ve seen more than a few USC wideouts have great careers and then struggle or fail outright in the NFL.  Woods is talented.  He was highly productive.  I just have to say that I think the hype on him might be a bit much. He averaged 11.6 yards per catch for his career.  He averaged 24.8 yards per KOR. He was just below 6 yards per PR.  Those aren’t great numbers.  Woods did have 32 TD catches in 3 years and that is impressive.

Some people think Woods could sneak into the bottom of the 1st round.  The Eagles could be targeting him at pick #35.  Chip Kelly would have interest because of Woods’ RAC ability. He can make big plays after the catch.  He will work the middle of the field.

It is also possible this is a smokescreen.  If the Eagles think teams in the middle of the 2nd round would want Woods, maybe someone would be willing to deal up for him.

Spending pick #35 on Woods would be interesting.  Woods is more than just a slot receiver.  This might make you wonder if Jeremy Maclin could be traded. Move Maclin to a contender and then draft Woods to replace him.

Watch his highlights and you’ll think Woods is a 1st Rd’er for sure.

Watch these games and you’ll see he’s good, but not special.

This is an interesting development, whether the Eagles have legit interest or are trying to set up a trade.

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3 Responses to Draft Watch – WR Robert Woods

  1. GvilleEagleFan says:

    I know that’s a highlight reel, but damn those are some HIGHLIGHTS. I watch him and I see everything I want STJM to be. If they could trade back with Arizona in the first to get AZ’s 2 or trade Maclin to pick up an extra third round pick, I’d be ecstatic to get this guy at 35. Without picking up an extra pick somewhere though, it seems like he’d be a bit of a luxury.

  2. micksick says:

    yuck, i dont want anything to do with him, theres so many other WRs i lke more in this draft. woods wouldnt make my top 10 lol

  3. Ross says:

    I guess I don’t see whats special. He barely gets any separation except on a few pick plays on crossing routes. He gets run down from behind every time and yeah, he made some catches with defenders on him, but that’s because he’s not getting any separation. Pro CBs aren’t going to let him catch those balls.

    I’d say if anything he’s basically a younger version of Avant… don’t see how that’s considered 1st or 2nd round material.

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