Jags to go OT?

Daniel Jeremiah of NFL.com put up an interesting note on Twitter:

“I’ve had Dion Jordan going to JAX for a long time. However, I’ve talked to several GM’s/Personnel Directors that expect JAX to take an OT”

This would be great news for the Eagles, for a couple of reasons.  If you assume that KC and JAX both go for OTs, then Lane Johnson could become a hot property. You wonder if DET, ARZ, or SD would be willing to move up to get him.

I also think the Eagles want LB Dion Jordan. If the Jags pass, he should fall to #4.

Fantasy scenario…Joeckel, Fisher, and Floyd are the first 3 picks. Then the Lions hand you a 4th rounder so they can slide up from #5 to #4. They take Lane Johnson and the Eagles get Dion Jordan, plus the extra pick.

The Cards are leaking reports that they don’t like Johnson at all. What I’m not sure of is if that is legit or “me thinks he doth protest too much”.

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3 Responses to Jags to go OT?

  1. Sifter says:

    Interesting…to me this is what the Jags should be doing all along. Massive hole at OT, and the best ones will go quickly this draft.

    You’d think the Raiders would be trading down in that case (actually they should be trading down in ANY case…). If they want Floyd they could drop back and still get him ie. Eagles probably won’t take him, Lions are stacked at DT, and Floyd probably doesn’t fit the 3-4s of Cleveland and Arizona so well, Buffalo are stocked at DT as well.

    Now that the Jets have 2 first rounders they might be a team to watch. A move to #3 to take Geno?

    Not sure Lane Johnson is exciting enough to be worth a trade into the top 5, but we’ll see! Desperation can drive a man to madness.

    So many scenarios I’ve thought about in the last week – my head hurts…

    • Tommy Lawlor says:

      My head doesn’t hurt…but confusion reigns. As soon as I think I know what I want…some new rumor comes out and confuses me.

  2. Jeff says:

    The Cardinals would be ridiculing themselves if they opt not to pick an OT. Their offensive line has been horrendous for the past few years. With Carson Palmer now at the helm, you’d think the Cardinals would want him to connect with Fitzgerald, with the hopes of generating the kind of success Warner had back then. But to do that, they’d need to solidify their offensive line, and choosing an OT would be a wise move for them to trade up with us – at least I sure hope so!

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