Some Eagles Draft Links

One of the guys over at British Eagles shares his thoughts on Geno Smith. I’m not so sure about his conclusion. He thinks Smith could be one of the 4 targets at the #4 pick, but isn’t the primary target. If a team has a QB ranked with a high grade, you take him even if he’s not highest on your board. QB is the most important position. My guess is that the Eagles don’t have an early 1st round grade on Smith and that’s why they’ll pass.

Ever wonder about who has the prospects ranked where? Brent over at Eagles Rewind took the time to compile that info. He posted it in a crazy visual graphic. Very interesting to see which players are high/low on some boards. The one that jumps out is Russ Lande (NFP) having Ryan Nassib as the #1 overall prospect.

Brent has quite a few other posts that analyze the draft from a statistical standpoint. He does a good job, if that’s you’re kind of material. Sometimes the numbers overwhelm me a bit. Still, it is a different way to look at the data and there is value in that.

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