Damion Square

DE Damion Square had a good career at Alabama, but was undrafted and then signed by the Eagles. Geoff Mosher spoke to a scout who thought this was a great move by the Eagles.

“I’ll tell you what, when I looked at the Eagles’ rookie free-agent acquisitions, the first guy I saw was Damion Square,” the scout said, “and I said that’s a great priority free-agent signing.”

The case for Square is that he played 3-4 DE at Bama and for a pro style coach. Square should be more NFL ready than most rookies.

The case against Square is that he lacks ideal size (6-2, 293) and is only a limited athlete. While he might have been effective in college, can he get the job done in the NFL?

Here is a short highlight video. Notice how on most of the plays he is cleaning up after someone else has gotten penetration or been the primary disruptive force.

I hope the scout is right, but I think Square is a long shot to make the roster. We’ll get a better feel for him in Training Camp. Right now he’s just getting the best of some trash cans.

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  1. ICDogg says:

    He shed some blocks and got back into the play, so that’s something.

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