2012 Stats Look

Brent over at Eagles Rewind is quickly becoming the Eagles stats guru. He put together a study of the 2012 Eagles compared to league averages over the last 5 years. There is some good news.

…we can see a number of areas where the Eagles were more than 2 standard deviations worse than the long-term average.  More importantly, those areas are either predominantly luck-based, or show no year-to-year persistence.  Specifically:

– Fumble Recovery Rate

– Fumbles Lost

– Net Field Position

– T/O Differential

Eagles fans can expect significant improvement in each of these areas (obviously they’re all interrelated to a degree).

2012 was a very odd year, with things being almost historically bad in some areas. The 2013 team will be better if they can just reverse some of those trends.

Brent has some good charts for those of you who like that type of thing.

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  1. Ross says:

    Football Outsiders covered the fumbles and fumble recoveries in their Eagles chapter in the FO Almanac this year.

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