Small Ball?

Interesting stat, but also a bit misleading.

The Eagles had a pair of long pass interference penalties that set up 2 of their 3 TDs. You don’t get those penalties if you aren’t throwing the ball down the field. It is true that the team didn’t complete a pass of 20 yards, but they did try to stretch the field a couple of times and it paid off.


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Interesting Reactions

Eagles fans went nuts when Jake Elliott hit his miracle FG to beat the Giants. Here are a couple of notable reactions.

That’s pretty cool.

This is even better.


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The New Kicker

Caleb Sturgis is now on IR, with the ability to return. So meet the new PK.

Better? Not so sure about that. Elliot might have a monster leg, but he misses the long FG in that clip. I tend to trust Dave Fipp when it comes to STs so if he thinks Elliott can be the guy for now, so do I.

Elliott was drafted in the 5th round after a great college career. The Bengals have had PK issues in recent years and hoped he would be The Guy. Instead, he was beaten out by a guy named Randy Bullock. Elliott showed enough promise the Bengals put him on their practice squad and hoped to develop him.

Now he’s an Eagle.

Looks like the team checked out some other PKs before deciding to go with Elliott.


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Praise for the Eagles D

Gregg Rosenthal of wrote about the outstanding defense and poor offense of opening weekend. He focused on the best defenses in the league. The Eagles were one of five teams he singled out.

Philadelphia Eagles: I went into the season believing that Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham and Tim Jernigan could rival any defensive line trio in the league. Their Week 1 totals: six tackles for loss, four sacks and two forced fumbles against the Redskins, including the one returned by Cox for a game-sealing score. (The group will have to be strong enough to hold the team together until No. 1 cornerback Ronald Darby returns from his dislocated ankle.)

Like the other teams on this list, the Eagles have the requisite depth to keep their stars fresh. Each member of the trio above played fewer than 70 percent of their team’s defensive snaps.

Deep, talented and with playmakers at each level…this defense should have a big season.


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The Big Red Tree

Good week for Big Red and his guys.

The Andy Reid coaching family went 5-0 in Week 1, winning by a combined score of 136-59.

That’s Andy Reid, John Harbaugh, Ron Rivera, Doug Pederson and Sean McDermott.

Impressive group.


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The 300 Club

This is crazy.

That shows you how much the game of football has changed. Jaws only had 12 games with 300 or more yards passing and Carson Wentz already has 5 in 17 starts.

Where is G.J. Kinne on that list?

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Ref Comments on Big Call

What happened on that fumble/pass/fumble?

The Washington Post got some comments from the official.

“There was nothing conclusive that would overturn the ruling on the field,” Allen said. “All the views we had were inconclusive, so we have to stay with the ruling on the field.”

When asked what made him comfortable enough to call it a fumble in real time, Allen said, “I just have to go with my gut. And my gut said fumble.”

The answer about “going with my gut” would bug me if I were the Skins. What did you see, not what did you feel happened.

As for not changing it, one of the replays looked somewhat conclusive, but another angle made it look like the ball came out of the hand as a non-pass. I can see where there was enough doubt to let the call stand.


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Quick Hits From Schefter

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Bennie Logan Perspective

Williams is considered the top DT on the free agent market. If he is projected to get just over $9M per year, Bennie Logan should be in the $7.5 to $8M range. That makes him more affordable for the Eagles.

I get the feeling the team wants him back, but the price has to be right. They’re paying Fletcher Cox huge money and can’t give Logan a blank check. We’ll find out soon enough just how much the Eagles do want Logan back and what his price tag is.

Logan’s numbers weren’t great, but he was disruptive.

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The D.C. Mess

Not politics, I’m talking about the Skins.

Or should I say, Pierre Garcon is talking about the Skins.


Must be fun to walk away from the dysfunctional organization.

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