Sproles is Mr. Versatile for the Eagles

Chip Kelly loves to be creative and move players around. This season he has the services of Darren Sproles, who can be effective all over the field. Zach Berman wrote a good piece on Sproles.

“When you put Sproles in that role of coming out of the backfield on linebackers, you need help somewhere,” Davis said. “He’s such a receiving threat and an open-field threat. You put him in the box between the tackles, OK. You put him in space against some of our defensive backs? That man is tough.”

And Sproles is still a talented RB.

“There’s no doubt that Darren is a running back,” running backs coach Duce Staley said. “Darren, his quickness is unbelievable. . . . I’ve seen him make some cuts in OTAs, like, wow, this guy looks like a rookie. He’s able to put his foot in the ground and can get upfield. I already have one that can do that. To have two is a blessing.”

The Eagles certainly have given Staley some talented RBs to work with in his short time as a coach. Nice gig.


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Best and Worst Eagles Contracts

Jason Fitzgerald of OverTheCap.com is doing a series where he picks out the best and worst contracts for each team. His take on the Eagles:

Best Contract: Jason Kelce

Jason KelcePhiladelphia is one of those teams where there are always a number of good contracts. They are one of the best run front offices in the league and are often signing very team friendly contracts. There were a few places I thought of going with this including Brent Celek (who got the nod last season), Trent Cole, and even Riley Cooper, but thought that the Jason Kelce contract was just a bit better than all the others on the books.

Kelce is one of the bright young centers in the game, having started every game he was healthy enough to play in since his rookie year in 2011. Kelce was entering the final year of his contract and would have likely become a free agent in 2015 as the cost of the Franchise tag for centers is usually prohibitive for using a tag on the position. Kelce’s deal was also important for the Eagles to do sooner rather than later since they realized that the market could potentially change once Alex Mack hit free agency, not to mention expected extensions for the Pouncey brothers. While teams were awaiting final word on salary cap possibilities the Eagles entered into negotiations with their players and signed them before the new salary cap rise was made public knowledge.

The Eagles pretty much hit it right on all accounts. The higher priced centers did seem to extend the market. The salary cap rise was large.  None of it mattered to Philadelphia as Kelce was locked into a six year extension that pays $6.25 million a season. The value of the contract over the first three and four years is just $6 million a season and the signing bonus was also $6 million. By 2016 Kelce could be released with $3.6 million in cap charges and the last two years of the contract carry no dead money.

Over the first three years of the contract Kelce’s cap charge will never exceed $6.2 million and the Eagles did not give away much upside to get that. Kelce can only incase the value of the contract by $200,000 for each time he makes the Pro Bowl. The guarantee per year and percent guaranteed in the contract are well below the norms for a player in his salary range. About the only thing missing that could have benefitted the Eagles would have been per game roster bonuses to protect in the event of injury. That’s a very minor quibble on a very good contract.

For the worst Eagles contract, Fitzgerald chose TE James Casey. Go read his post to get the full details, but it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out why he sees Casey as having a bad deal.


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Great Preseason News

For those living outside of Philly, you get some help from the NFL Network this summer. Call this the Chip Kelly Effect. If people will watch it, the NFLN will show it.

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What Some Experts Are Saying

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Love for Kelce

Jason Kelce played well in 2013, after missing most of the 2012 season due to an ACL tear. There was some question about whether an athletic offensive lineman like him would have any drop-off after coming off a serious knee injury.

Didn’t happen.

Kelce had another strong season and is one of the most talented and athletic blockers in the entire league. Bob Ford wrote a good piece on him and got OL coach Jeff Stoutland to open up about his stud center.

“I get calls from other line coaches about Kelce, and they are like: ‘This guy is unbelievable in space,’ ” Stoutland said. “Many times, those big offensive lineman in space look like cows on ice. They can’t change direction or stop on a dime. Jason Kelce is totally the opposite of that. When he gets outside the blocking box – whether on a screen pass or a sweep or a play to the perimeter – he always takes the right angle at the right target.”

Cows on ice? That’s just beautiful.

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Bad News for Eagles CBs

The Eagles CBs are at their best when pressing and allowed to play physical. If officials call a tighter game, the corners just aren’t as effective.

Bill Davis does like to point out that the Eagles adjust to how the officials call a particular game. He and the coaches talk to the players and let them know to get away with what they can, but to be prepared to back off if necessary.

If the above news is true, the coaches may be telling the guys to be careful a lot this year.

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Logo Trivia

I think I know just about everything when it comes to the Eagles. Then I find out something I was completely clueless about.

The Eagles have the only logo in the NFL that faces to the left. I’ve looked at the logo for 30 or so years, but that never occurred to me. And there is a very specific reason for it. Go check out the story from Brandon Lee Gowton to find out why. Simple and obvious, but very cool.

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Great Story

Click the link in the tweet if you haven’t read the amazing story of Rachel Washburn, former Eagles cheerleader turned Army officer. Glad PE.com re-posted this for July 4th.

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The Coolest Driveway in the World?

Check this out.

How cool is that?

And there is no worry about the paint fading away. The concrete itself is green.

A house in Levittown now sports a driveway that is a scale replica of the playing surface at Lincoln Financial Field. According to Levittown Now, brothers Justin and Jordan Koczrowski of DCE Flooring spent three days working on a special concrete overlay for the driveway. The green color of the concrete was mixed right in and not painted afterwards. 


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Ambassador and Linebacker

Eagles ILB Emmanuel Acho posted this on Twitter.

I’ll let you know when my site traffic in Nigeria picks up.

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