Historic Offense

Roob is the king of stats and he’s got a great one here.

It sure feels like the Eagles have a great chance to hit both figures.

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Going Home

There were a few former Wisconsin Badgers in the PHI-GB game.

Cool to see the guys get together like that.

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Some Bradford Humor

As the hype builds on Sam Bradford, a bit of humor is a good thing.

Sam might wear the same number as Jaws, but he is lacking in nicknames. Ron Jaworski is most well known as Jaws, but in college and early in the pros he had one of the best nicknames of all time…The Polish Rifle. With a strong arm and a name like Jaworski, that was perfect.

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Some Cuts Are In

It is a dark day for Eagles fans. GJ Kinne is no more.

His bid for enshrinement at Canton has hit another roadblock.

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Pass Rush a Concern?

The Packers had several holding calls last night. That tells you the Eagles rushers were winning some battles.

The other thing is that Bill Davis has been conservative with rushing this summer. Lots of 4-man rush looks. Little creativity or aggressiveness. This is good. Save that for real games. Spend this summer focused on coverage.


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Bradford Impressing Everyone

Chris Wesseling is a writer/analyst for NFL.com. And he likes what he’s seen from Bradford.

That is good praise from an unbiased source.


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Getting to the QB

The Eagles defense had some issues in 2014, but getting to the QB wasn’t one of them.

Always a good sign when you can rush 3 or 4 and sack the QB.

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Ex-Eagle Update

Casey Matthews never became the player the team expected when they drafted him in 2011. The hope was that he would be the team’s long term answer at MLB. Oops.

Matthews did become a solid backup and role player. He never got in trouble and left on good terms. Matthews is the kind of guy you hope finds a home somewhere else. The Vikings signed him in the offseason, but Matthews won’t be playing for them in 2015.

Matthews has a hip injury that he suffered while getting ready for the season. That doesn’t bode well for his NFL future. Good luck to him.

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Mad(den) About Peters

I am so old that I actually remember a time when there were no player rankings in video games. You have to go back to Madden ’92 or something like that to get to that point.

These days player rankings are kind of a big deal. Players want to know how they’re rated. Fans and game players see it as important. Doesn’t mean a thing to me, but for those interested, Jason Peters is highly regarded in the new Madden.

How about Matt Tobin?

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Interesting DeSean Stat

Saw this on the ESPN Skins blog.

The Redskins certainly could use more help — and more players to produce like Jackson. In the past, his big plays usually meant wins: From 2010-13, the Eagles were 16-4 when he scored a touchdown and 9-4 when he surpassed 100 yards. Last year, the Redskins were 0-6 when he scored and 2-5 when he went over 100.

Don’t take this as a dig at him or anything like that. Just found the numbers interesting.

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