Quick Hits From Schefter

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Bennie Logan Perspective

Williams is considered the top DT on the free agent market. If he is projected to get just over $9M per year, Bennie Logan should be in the $7.5 to $8M range. That makes him more affordable for the Eagles.

I get the feeling the team wants him back, but the price has to be right. They’re paying Fletcher Cox huge money and can’t give Logan a blank check. We’ll find out soon enough just how much the Eagles do want Logan back and what his price tag is.

Logan’s numbers weren’t great, but he was disruptive.

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The D.C. Mess

Not politics, I’m talking about the Skins.

Or should I say, Pierre Garcon is talking about the Skins.



Must be fun to walk away from the dysfunctional organization.

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LB on Their Radar?

Jeff Howe has nailed some reports so far this month so he could have a good nugget here.

The Eagles are going to trade Mychal Kendricks. They need someone to play WLB. Worrilow is an athletic LB with experience and he won’t cost a lot so he does make sense as a target.

Worrilow, 6-1, 232, lost his starting job this year, but did start the previous 3 seasons. He is fast and has solid cover skills.


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Cornering the Market

Lots of these reports popping up.

The Eagles are desperate for CB help. They hare going to meet with virtually every CB in Indy that they can. Don’t read too much into this.

A better way to judge interest is to see which Pro Days they have a coach attend. That shows specific interest.


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Know Your Enemy – WAS Update

Interesting times these days in D.C.

The Skins don’t know who is really running the organization. They don’t know who their QB is. They might lose both starting WRs. They have a new DC.

But Jay Gruden isn’t going anywhere. He’s done a solid job for them so this is a wise move. Now they need to answer some of the other questions.


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DeSean Jackson Update

You might have heard that DeSean Jackson is a free agent. Jason La Canfora reported a few weeks back that most people expected him to sign with the Eagles. Tony Pauline now has a report with Jackson finding a new home.

Expect the speedier receivers such as DeSean Jackson, Robert Woods and Kenny Stills to receive huge contract offers once free agency begins.

I’m told Jackson will receive a contract that will pay him close to $12 million annually.

The belief right now is Jackson will end up with the Tampa Bay Bucs, as the combination of weather, a big-armed passer in James Winston and no state tax will make it tough for any other team to match.

Jameis Winston has a big WR in Mike Evans. Giving him a speedster like Jackson would make that passing game even more explosive.


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Watkins Re-Signs

The Eagles re-signed free agent DB Jaylen Watkins. Don’t make a big deal of this one way or the other. This is a cheap deal with no guaranteed money. Watkins wasn’t great in 2016, but there is nothing wrong with bringing him back.

With the coaching change entering 2016, Watkins was prepared to improve his tackling and his technique, and he did just that to make the 53-man roster, stay there, and help the Eagles’ secondary depth.

Watkins played in 38 percent of the snaps last season and had six passes defensed and a couple of quarterback hurries.

“It’s been a learning experience,” Watkins said, “and I know I’m always in the position where I have to keep improving myself and my situation. I’ve learned so much this year. It’s been a good step for me, with a lot more to go. I’m excited to be in this defense.”

Now, with free agency less than a week away, Watkins has handled his business side. He’ll report to the spring conditioning program on April 17 ready to get bigger, stronger, and faster and ready to compete for playing time behind starting safeties Malcolm Jenkins and Rodney McLeod.

“I have to tackle and cover and be physical,” Watkins said. “That’s the name of the game. Stay with my technique and compete on every play.”

Watkins played his best football in 2016, but still needs to get better to feel confident about making the team this year. The Eagles could spend a pick on a Safety to compete with him.

Safety is one of those spots where a player can get better each year. A lot of that position is reading plays and knowing where to be and what to do. Experience is a huge factor. That said, there is no guarantee Watkins will take another step forward. The Eagles were smart to bring him back, but still need to make him earn a roster spot.


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Great Andy Reid Story

Daniel Jeremiah, former Eagles scout and Appalachian State star, tells a great story about Big Red from their time together.


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QB Perspective

Reason number 655321 to appreciate Carson Wentz. Apparently there is a lot of discussion at the Combine about the Jets and Bears both making a hard push to sign QB Mike Glennon in free agency.

Glennon has 18 career starts and has shown some promise, but he is hardly a player you get excited about. And the thought of paying good money for his services…yikes. Both teams are desperate for QB help so it does make sense for them to take a chance.

We don’t know how Wentz is going to pan out, but having him right now saves the Eagles from having to make desperate moves for QBs that are less than compelling.

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