Player Spotlight – Vinny Curry

Mark Saltveit wrote a piece for BGN where he checked out every snap by Vinny Curry. Here was the conclusion.

There is no real pattern (that I could detect) to Curry’s deployment, except that there were no run plays. (With Andy Reid coaching, though, that tells you nothing.) Vinny was a consistently disruptive force and made even more plays than the scorekeepers gave him credit for. Curry played  left defensive end in 3-4 alignments, exclusively. Hopefully Billy Davis can find a different position for Curry (or Fletcher Cox) to play, and get both men into the game at the same time. We could use some serious pass pressure on Peyton Manning this week.

The coaches mixed Curry in last week. They will likely have a different plan after seeing how well he played. I hope he plays closer to 20 snaps, if not more.

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