And the Award Goes to…

Chip Kelly.

The Maxwell Club chose him as Coach of the Year.

Not bad for Joe College.

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2 Responses to And the Award Goes to…

  1. ACViking says:

    The Philadelphia-based Maxwell Club has shown an occasional local bias in the past. I think this may be one of those times.

    Kelly did a fine job this year, to be sure. But on the numbers, I think the better argument is Reid earned COY. The Chiefs had only 1 season of .500 or better football in the 6 years prior to 2013. The Eagles had 5 seasons of at least .500 football in the past 6 years. I get the whole “Pro Bowl” thing. But look at the Eagles: McCoy, Peters, Mathis, Foles . . . and why not throw in DJax — all Pro Bowlers. I think that point’s a wash.

    But the craziest Maxwell Club decision came in 1974, with the selection of Temple QB Steve Joachim as College Player of the Year. He beat out (mythical-and-split) national champion USC All American RB Anthony Davis, who put on the most dominant single-game performance by a college RB I’ve ever seen against 5th ranked 9-1 Notre Dame, leading USC back from a 24-6 halftime deficit to a 55-24 victory. Joachim also topped Heisman winning Ohio State RB Archie Griffin, Oklahoma’s dominant DE Leroy Selman, and (split-mythical) national champion Oklahoma RB Joe Washington. Joachim did lead the nation in passing efficiency and TDs. But I always thought the Maxwell Club went “home town” on that one.

  2. ACViking says:


    I hope you post something on Kelly as COY. I’ve dug up some entertaining data on the performance of new coaches taking over losing teams during the past 50+ years.

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