Dee Ford

Auburn DE Dee Ford is one of the top edge rushers in the upcoming draft. Will the Eagles have interest in him at 22? Ford shares his thoughts.

Do you get a sense of where you’ll go to in the first round?

DF: I hear a lot of talk about Philadelphia and New Orleans. I’m hearing more of the 20 to 30 range. It doesn’t matter to me. All I need is the opportunity.

Is that media talk? Rumors his agent is hearing? Scuttlebutt from scouts? Hard to say. I don’t anticipate the Eagles going for Ford at 22, but there would be some logic to the move.

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2 Responses to Dee Ford

  1. Arby says:

    DeSean and #22 to Jets for #15, if Mike Evans is still on the board. OLB/ILB at 54.

  2. Arby says:

    Umm, on the other hand, maybe not.

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