Ranking the GMs

Patrick Daugherty of Rotoworld ranked NFL GMs. Where would you think Howie Roseman would end up?

How about 13th. I think that is reasonable.

13. Howie Roseman

You could argue this is too high for one of the architects of the most disastrous free-agent class in recent memory. Roseman’s role in Philly’s ill-fated “Dream Team” will be a stain he wears until he trades in his suits for pleated-retirement khakis. But he couldn’t have bought a better detergent than Chip Kelly. Roseman replaced a weary Andy Reid with arguably the brightest offensive mind of a generation, and has put his team one step ahead of an ever-changing NFL as a result. As an evaluator and player procurer, Roseman leaves much to be desired. But Kelly provides an easy-to-follow blueprint, lessening the room for error. The degree to which Roseman is tied to his head coach is highly unusual for a modern GM. Thankfully, he’s chosen the right one — the kind that should make him look like a genius in due time.

I hate the extreme slam for the 2011 free agent signings. The Eagles felt they were very close to winning a Super Bowl. They signed a bunch of free agents to help put them over the top. The plan backfired for sure, but 2 years later the Eagles were rid of those guys. The contracts were all reasonable and the team never had to deal with any cap consequences.

Besides, injuries were a huge factor in the 8-8 and 4-12 records. It isn’t as if every player the team signed was awful. That was a failed experiment, but those comments are overly harsh.

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5 Responses to Ranking the GMs

  1. Anders says:

    Funny how there was no mention of Howie’s last 2 drafts.

  2. DanJ3645 says:

    The comments read like someone much lower down than 13th. The only positive is he hired a head coach everyone else thought was great.

    Doesn’t seem like a fair assessment in the comments, but 13th seems fair as a headline.

    I really can’t see why Howie is marked down for player procurement. He has shown he can convince high, mid and low level FA players to come to Philly, for reasonable contracts. He has made trades with several teams, both player based and inside the draft day environment. None of those have appeared to be poor value.

  3. Cafone says:

    He’s #1 in my heart!

  4. SteveH says:

    The comments about his ability as an evaluator seem off base also. The first 2 drafts that he was in charge of (without Big Red interference) were tremendous.

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