Serious Praise for Boykin

Doug Farrar is an excellent analyst and writer for SI. He recently ranked the best CBs in the NFL.

There’s no doubt that this is a renaissance era for the cornerback position. With the NFL turning into more and more of a passing league with every year, the best cornerbacks are worth more than ever — no matter where on the field they play. Our six top players at the position all play outside for the most part, but the addition of two slot defenders jives with a predominant NFL trend. These days, most teams travel with three starting cornerbacks. Here, without further ado, are the 10 players we feel play the position at the highest possible level.

Any Eagles make it?

7. Brandon Boykin, Philadelphia Eagles

Boykin was the best slot cornerback in the NFL last year, and a breath of fresh air on an Eagles defense that was too often betwixt and between in Billy Davis’ new schemes. Boykin picked off six passes last season, and all of them came in the slot, where he was targeted 75 times and gave up 44 receptions for 562 yards. That percentage is impressive because slot cornerbacks are asked to cover slants and other simple routes that are generally easy completions. Add in that Boykin allowed just two touchdowns all season, and that’s one more than he scored — he took a pick 54 yards to the house against the Bears in Week 16.‚Äč

Wow, that high praise indeed.

Nolan Carroll was honorable mention for his 2013 performance with the Dolphins. No wonder he’s been so impressive this spring and summer.

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