Appreciating Tom Coughlin

Tom Coughlin is out as the Giants coach.

It was fun to pick on him. Seeing his bewildered look when things went wrong was glorious. And his face turned awesomely red when it was very cold outside. The Eagles owned the Giants for much of the past few years, sweeping the Giants in 2009, 2010, 2014 and 2015.

Mike Garofalo wrote a great piece on Coughlin for FOX Sports.

As fun as it is to pick on Coughlin and hate him for being a part of the Giants, he was a terrific NFL coach for a long time. He had great success in Jacksonville, but could never get over the hump and make it to the Super Bowl.

Coughlin did win 2 rings in NY, but neither was a great team. They got hot at the right time and matched up very well with the Patriots.

He doesn’t want to retire yet, but will be very picky about potential jobs. He’s older and doesn’t need the job or the money, but would be interested in the right opportunity.

I’ll miss making fun of Coughlin and his crazy faces. I’ll also miss having him as a high quality part of the NFC East. Good coaches are tough to come by. Still, much like with Andy Reid after the 2012 season, it was time for a change.


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