DeMarco Murray Update

DeMarco Murray led the NFL in rushing in 2014. He was a mess in 2015, his only year with the Eagles. He’s back among league leaders this year. There were several factors that led to his poor play in 2015, but he was a big part of that. From PFT:

Regardless of where Murray ended up, he made it clear to the Eagles that he wanted out of Philadelphia.

“My heart just wasn’t there,” Murray said. “I felt it was a situation where I needed a fresh start, and I was granted that by Howie [Roseman] and Jeffery [Lurie], who is a great guy. Really good people. I was fortunate to have that relationship with them, so I could tell them, ‘This is where it is. I think it would be best for both sides if I find a new home.’”

Glad he’s happy with Howie and Lurie. I doubt they feel as happy about him. Nothing better than handing megabucks to a free agent only to find out he really doesn’t want to be there.

The Eagles 2015 struggles led to the changes to get this team where it is now so maybe Eagles fans should actually be thankful that Murray played as he did last year.


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