Big Boy Football

From Les Bowen:

“We want taller, longer people, because bigger people beat up little people.” — Chip

I know this is music to the ears of many fans.

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3 Responses to Big Boy Football

  1. Kevin_aka_RC says:

    While I respect Parcell’s planet theory, the Niners were pretty fast last year. As were the Pats who have been among the best teams in the NFL.

    Bigger talented players are better. Just not bigger.

  2. iskar36 says:

    That was a great quote. I love the fact that we are looking to get tougher. The one question I have is at what expense are we trying to get bigger/tougher. It seems Kelly likes athletes and fast players, but generally speaking, when a guy is taller and stronger they are a little slower (there are obviously exceptions, but unless they have other glaring holes in their game, they usually are early round picks).

  3. Scott says:

    …until Danny Woodhead runs around you.

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