Donovan Speaks

And I wish he didn’t. 

In case you didn’t see it, Tony Romo signed an extension today.  He got 6 years, $108M, with $55M guaranteed. 

Donovan responded with this tweet:

So Donnie thought Romo was overpaid at $9M per season? That is absolute insanity. I bet 20 teams would love to have Romo at QB if they only had to pay him that much.  That’s cheap for a starter with talent. 

Then Donovan realized the error.

So now he must think Jerry Jones is off the charts nuts.  $18M per year for just one playoff win?  Of course, the irony is that win came over Donovan and sealed McNabb’s fate in Philly.

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3 Responses to Donovan Speaks

  1. DBG says:

    I don’t think it’s totally outrageous of disco donny. I mean sure it make him seem a little petty, but I think its pretty conservative to say that Donny’s career is twice as impressive as Tony’s. At least in terms of accolades and performance.

  2. PHLMerc says:

    9 playoff wins, 1 SB appearance, one drive short of SB win and he accomplished this with nameless WR a few times, vs 1 playoff win and 1 playoff fumble that summarizes a career. Unappreciated vs overpaid

  3. SteveH says:

    I kind of agree with Donovan’s sentiment but at the same time its kind of ironic that someone who’s reputation is not being able to win in the big one is ragging on someone’s contract because of his playoff record.

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