Eagles and EJ Manuel

From NFL.com’s Daniel Jeremiah (former Eagles scout):

“Here are the QB matches I hear most often from NFL sources: Bills-Geno, AZ-Glennon, JAX-Nassib, PHI-Manuel…for what it’s worth.”

This doesn’t mean the Eagles are hyping Manuel behind the scenes, but rather that the talk in league circles is that the Eagles are expected to like Manuel.

The Eagles are sending a contingent to work Manuel out later this week.  They could very well like Manuel and see him as the QB to take, likely with their 2nd round pick.

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4 Responses to Eagles and EJ Manuel

  1. mark_in_jax says:

    If you want to use Jeremiah’s “Nassib to Jags” idea, try connecting these dots:
    new GM Caldwell came from Atlanta where in 2008 the Falcons picked a DC (Smith) as their HC and drafted a suburban philly QB (Ryan) who played at Boston College. Caldwell has already picked a DC (Bradley) as the HC and a suburban philly QB (Nassib) who played at Syracuse is available (2nd round?). Since Gabbert (only 6 months older than Nassib) has 2 years left on his rookie contract, it might setup a good competition before a big investment decision.

    • rc says:

      The only dot is Ryan and Nassib are from the same place. The fact your GM hired a DC as head coach has nothing to do with anything when it comes to drafting a specific player. Not sure what Ryan going to BC has to do with taking Nassib who went to Syracuse.

      • mark_in_jax says:

        Sorry “dots” don’t connect for you. This isn’t astronomy so there are no stars to “connect” that diagram the “big dipper”. It’s “art” not “science”. Jags have 1st pick in round 2 (#33 overall). Any team that wants Nassib will need to be in the late 1st round in front of the Jags.

  2. SteveH says:

    Not a huge fan of an Emanuel pick, I feel like his athleticism is whats driving his perceived value… I’d rather have a great passer, and if he’s athletic too thats gravy. Guys like RG3, Kaepernick, Wilson, etc. wouldn’t work out if they weren’t good at throwing the ball too.

    Cyprien is the pick in the 2nd round, if he’s there and we pass him up, I’ll be pretty bummed.

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