Quick OL Situation Update

Dan Graziano of ESPN’s NFC East blog checks in with an update on the Eagles and their pursuit of OL help

The Eagles remain quiet.  They’ve got the ability to make moves, but aren’t.  You can read that a few ways.  I think the team is willing to sign a player if the deal is favorable, but otherwise is focused on the draft.

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9 Responses to Quick OL Situation Update

  1. iskar36 says:

    I agree with you that the Eagles are only interested in signing an OT if the price is right, particularly with several good options available in the draft. I did notice however that Dan Graziano did not mention Eric Winston. Seems to me, he is the guy that has been connected to the Eagles the most. A few people have said the Eagles remained interested in Winston as of a few days ago:

    Here is the tweet on Winston:

    Paul Domowitch ‏@pdomo 19 Mar
    I’m told Eagles still have interest in FA offensive tackle Eric Winston, but nothing is imminent.

  2. LukeKelly65 says:

    Couldn’t that also mean they are comfortable with the o-linemen currently in house and don’t see a clear upgrade on the FA market? I think a big reason for the lack of o-line additions is because the team feels good about Peters coming back, also maybe Chip thinks Dennis Kelly could be s solid RT? i know thats questionable but its a possibility.

    • iskar36 says:

      If you listen to Dave Spadaro at all, he has been really pushing the idea of moving Herremans to guard and adding someone else to the mix. In fact, one caller talked about drafting an OG in the first round to replace Watkins and rather than question the OG, he responded by saying, “But that means you are keeping Herremans at RT. Are you ok with that?” He backed off when the caller said yes by simply saying “OK”, but it seems he strongly supports the idea of moving Herremans to guard and I’d be surprised if he supported that idea so strongly if it wasn’t supported by the Eagles as well.

      • LukeKelly65 says:

        thats a good point…are you thinking their just waiting for the deal to be right to make a move for a veteran RT then?

        • iskar36 says:

          No, not necessarily. I think the way I read Spadaro’s comments is that one way or another they want to fill the RT spot. So, either Winston’s contract demands comes down and matches the price the Eagles are willing to pay or they will draft one that can come in and start (so someone drafted in the first 3 rounds).

  3. DH says:

    It seems like Winston would fit perfectly and bargain prices are available. Assuming Peters comes back at full health, this one move can shore up the OL allowing them to draft a stud DT (Sharrif or maybe even Lotulelei) or do what the Eagles do best- trade down and accumulate more picks.

  4. icdogg says:

    I’ve been thinking Winston all along, but the price has to be right.

  5. DH says:

    Les Bowen reported that the Eagles checked back in with Winston.

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