Chip Kelly and Change

Here is one Eagles fan’s take on Chip Kelly being a breath of fresh air.

As he says, there are no guarantees that the changes will work, but the vibe around the team is very different. And that’s true on the inside and outside. The players seem energized. The fans seem energized. As crazy as it sounds, even the media seems energized.

It will be interesting to see how all of this pans out.

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One Response to Chip Kelly and Change

  1. mark says:

    The media is definitely energized, because for the most part they hated Andy Reid from the start and never let up on the guy. I’ve noticed something in my 20+ years of paying attention to the Eagles:

    a. The media NEVER admits to being wrong
    b. The fans NEVER admit to being wrong

    Those same guys who booed the McNabb pick are to this day saying he stunk. Same for the boobs in the media that hated Andy Reid. They’ll love Chip because he’s playing games with them for now. But at some point, Chip is going to let slip something he’ll regret, and then the vultures (i.e., the Les Bowen’s and Paul Dumbowitch’s et al) will be all over it. And then Chip will be just as intolerant of these guys as Reid was. And I won’t blame him for it.

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