Hope for the Secondary

DBs coach John Lovett was interviewed by Dave Spadaro last week. Lovett didn’t offer much in the way of great insight, but he did stress the importance of communication. That was music to my ears. The 2012 secondary had talent, but played as lost individuals. The 2013 unit won’t have as much talent at CB, but could be better simply because they communicate and play as a group.  That’s incredibly important on the back end of a defense.

PE.com put up an article on the secondary, after talking to Lovett and FS Nate Allen. One other thing that has me optimistic about the DBs is the fact that guys like Allen and Kurt Coleman aren’t in fantasy land. Both players will tell you that 2012 was a bad year and they must play better this year to keep their jobs. So often players look for excuses and don’t want to accept responsibility. Was 2012 all their fault? Heck no. The players had scheme and coaching issues that hurt them, but part was on them. By acknowledging that, it gives them a better chance to bounce back this year and save their careers.

Nate Allen can be a solid starting FS. Kurt Coleman can be a good role player and spot starter. The Eagles will be a better team if both guys respond the right way on the field.

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  1. Mac says:

    I think you’re confused Tommy. There was a lot of communication last year. The emphasis was on non-verbal (see: Nnamdi pointing at Coleman as an example).

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