Some Matt Barkley Numbers

Cecil Lammey, who writes for ESPN Denver and, has been posting some really good Matt Barkley stats on Twitter.  Here goes:

since start of 2011 season Matt Barkley threw 24TDs of 20 or more yards, with only 2INTs on throws of such distance


when Matt Barkley did miss on deep passes he was 4X more likely to overthrow his target than underthrow him 40.8% completion 20+ yds


by comparison, Andrew Luck  in L2Y of college had 43.1% comp on passes 20+ yds (13TD, 5INT), RG3  38.2% comp (33TD, 5INT)


Matt Barkley completed over 65% of his passes w/23TDs 3INTs when outside the pocket in his career, incl 16TDs on designed roll outs


For his career, Matt Barkley threw 44TDs and 6INTs when opponents blitzed, quick decisions key in Chip Kelly system

Those are some interesting numbers. Barkley really is an odd 4th round QB.  It is going to be interesting to see how he does/doesn’t pan out in the NFL.

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4 Responses to Some Matt Barkley Numbers

  1. micksick says:

    funny how most eagle fans were like “wait untill next year to draft a QB, this years class is weak!” eagles draft a 4th round Qb and all of a sudden the future is here.. lol..

    • Duck07 says:

      That is precisely why fans don’t make the decisions, they get too emotional or don’t know the whole story.

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