Jake Knott – Greatest Human Ever

ILB Jake Knott had a great career at Iowa State. He was undrafted due to some medical concerns (shoulder injuries), but the Eagles are high on him and he even got snaps with the #2 defense in the recent OTAs.

If you watch these videos from Iowa State, you’ll be convinced Knott is pretty much the best person in history. One teammate says playing with Knott was “magical”. No one ever said that about Dawk. Or me.

Jake does have NFL ability. He must work on shedding blocks. He also can be a sloppy tackler at times. He’ll grab and use his hands instead of wrapping up and using his whole body. Real interested to see how he does at Training Camp.

Oh…and bring back the Mohawk!!!

Here is a game to check out if you haven’t seen him in action


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5 Responses to Jake Knott – Greatest Human Ever

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  2. Tom says:

    Didn’t see much to get excited about in that game footage. Didn’t seem like he actually made any plays, mostly just chased things down from behind. Whenever the play came right at him he invariably wound up getting driven backwards, either by the ballcarrier or by a blocker.

    • Tommy Lawlor says:

      Not his best game. Knott is smart and instinctive. Big time playmaker at ISU. Had 18 combined INTs/FFs. That’s an amazing total for an ILB type.

    • Laura says:

      That game vs OSU is when Jake reinjured his shoulder and had to pop it back into place two times during the game and he continued to play. That may explain why he didn’t appear to be making many plays and was chasing from behind as you commented. The kid was one of the toughest players and never wants to let his teammates or coaches down which is why he played through so much pain during college.

      • Tommy Lawlor says:

        Thanks for sharing, Laura. Can be tough to know the details of every player unless you follow those teams closely.

        Looking forward to seeing Jake play this summer for the Eagles. Would love to see him win a job.

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