Mystery on the DL

Geoff Mosher wrote a DL preview for CSN on the Eagles DL. He focused on the mystery, in terms of system and who will play where. Chip Kelly and Bill Davis won’t commit to anything. They want to find the right combination of players and the best system to use them in.

The only certainty is that none of the linemen will be pigeonholed into one position. The coaches spent all of the minicamps rotating personnel — and alternating three-man fronts with four-man looks — to gauge which players can do what and which can’t.

“Everybody was moving around, nobody had one permanent position,” the second-year Cox said. “I’m an end or three-technique or nose. You never know, so many different things.”

You would prefer the Eagles have set roles and experienced, talented players to handle them, but there will be lots of learning this year. The good news is that the DL can be a strength. Fletcher Cox, Isaac Sopoaga and Cedric Thornton can be good starters. There is lots of competition behind them. The Eagles just need some young players to step up and show they can be counted on to play well.

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